Why Step Out, When We Can Step In!

Hair I Am, LLC is a mobile beauty service that provides you with a fun, creative, innovative way of creating a glamorous look in a matter of minutes! Services includes music of your choice, wardrobe, makeup, wigs, extensions and photos in the privacy of your own home or establishment of your choice. Hair I Am, LLC  (HIA) was created due to the lack of Beauty Services provided to those who are in need but also ambulant due to their health conditions. (HIA) believes you can have grace and beauty at any age no matter your circumstances!

We service men, woman and children for themed photos, costumes, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions for both indoor and outdoor.

(HIA) service our wonderful clients in all areas such as residential, nursing homes, group homes, assisted living, hospitals, palliative/hospice care and funeral homes. 

We also cater to our amazing clients who are paraplegic, special needs, dementia, non-verbal and all various forms of disabilities. We are trained in hoyer lifts, sit-to-stand, sliding boards and safety belts. It’s my due diligence to use my expertise in both healthcare and the beauty industry. By utilizing our trained set of skills we will ensure the safety of all clients while providing a fun memorable experience. 

We serve all of Metro-Detroit area including Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and other surrounding areas.



Donations will be used to provide terminally ill Hospice Patients free Makeovers and Wigs.

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Healthcare Worker Spreads Joy With Makeovers for Hospice Patients